1. How to delete account?

Please log ingo to [Me]-[Account Setting]-[Account and Security]-[Delete Account]
Account cancellation must satisfy the following conditions:
(1) After 3 months of registration
(2) No abnormal or sensitive operation within 30 days(remote login, change Third-party login binding) 
(3) The account has not been permanently banned
(4) The account has no unreleased third-party binding
(5) The account balance, income and charm value are less than 10
(6) There is no unfinished invitation / red packet, no unused gift/knight/mount/frame and other items in the backpack, no unexpired title, no unexpired personal knight/radio guard
(7) There is no family/group without disbanding, and families/groups unquilted

After the account is cancelled, your account will:
(1) Unable to log in to this app, all information will be permanently deleted
(2) Mobile phone number will be unbound, within 90 days after unbound, the mobile phone number can not be re-registered
(3) Will be rebounded, account balance will be emptied, knapsack items, coupons, vip levels, red persons and other privileges and titles will be revoked
Staff will audit within 5 working days, after approval, you need to make final confirmation on the current page to complete the cancellation

2.Return or Withdraw after Recharge

After recharge, the balance can be used for consumption in the platform. And it is not refundable and cannot be withdrawn. Please make payment after confirmation during recharge.


3. How to cancel order or apply for refund?

Automatically Cancel the Invitation

Select a user with skills certification. If time is up and the user haven’t accepted yet, the Invitation will be canceled automatically.

Manually Cancel the Invitation

You can choose an Invitation you need to cancel in [Me]-[Invitation], and click [] in the top right corner.

Warm Prompt: If the Invitation has been started, the user with skills certification should agree after negotiation (including the emergency of the user or user with skill certification), click to apply for a refund. If the user with skills certification refuses to refund, you can submit the complaint twice, and the processing team will verify and cancel the Invitation.

Caution: We don’t accept business other than the Invitation because the users with skills certification represent their own skills. If you make an Invitation with the users without corresponding certifications, we will not be able to assure you that the user's service quality, and does not accept your complaint. In addition, if the users with skills certification accept this kind of Invitation, we will check skills certification for the illegal users to certain penalties.


What should I do if I am not satisfied with the process of Invitation?

Apply for refund directly to the Invitation, and the customer service will follow up and deal with it.

When the Invitation is in process: [Me]-[Invitation] to apply for refund and write reasons to deliver

When the Invitation is in the end: [Me]-[Online Customer Service] communicate with [Official Customer Service – Appeal of Orders] to make an online appeal

Time limit for the Invitation refund: Within 24 hours from [Time of Starting Invitation]


Invitation Completion and Appeal

Within 24 hours after the Invitation begins, if the user does not manually click to complete the Invitation, the Invitation will be completed automatically.

If you want to appeal the invitation, please click [Appeal] button within 24 hours after the user with skill certification refuses the refund. If you click to complete the Invitation or the Invitation is automatically completed over time, it will be deemed that you have given up the right to appeal the Invitation (and the Invitation cannot be operated again).


When the Invitation enters into the application for refund process, the users with skill certification according to the reasons for the refund application and the actual circumstances of receiving orders to choose to agree.

After the users with skill certification accept the refund application, the money will be returned to the original payment account.

If the users with skill certification fail to respond to your refund within 12 hours, it will automatically be deemed as a refund, and the money will be returned to the original payment account.


Rules for Refunds / Appeals

When the users with skill certification refuse to apply refund, the Invitation will enter into [Appeal] process, both parties shall take the initiative to contact [Official Customer Service – Invitation Appeal] and submit relevant Invitation evidence. The official customer services will collect the evidence and handle the appeal according to objective evidence. If one party fails to submit valid evidence within 12 hours after the Invitation appeal begins, the appeal will fails. And the customer services will refuse the Invitation appeal and the Invitation will be completed automatically 24 hours later.

Caution: We shall not be held responsible for Invitation disputes and other personal behaviors caused by private social problems.


After the Invitation appeals successfully, will the money be returned?

After the cancellation or refund of the invitation, the money of the Invitation will reach your original payment account.